Linked List Interview Questions

No. 10 - K-th Node from End
Get the Kth node from end of a linked list. It counts from 1 here, so the 1st node from end is the tail of list.

No. 18 - Reverse a Linked List
Implement a function to reverse a linked list, and return the head of the reversed list.

No. 29 - Loop in List
How to check whether there is a loop in a linked list? If there is a loop in a linked list, how to get the entry node of the loop?

No. 40 - Add on Lists
Nodes in a list represent a number. Please implement a function/method to add numbers in two lists, and store the sum into a new list.


  1. No 29: You can use concept of slow and fast pointers. if in any case fast pointers coincides with slow pointer before slow pointer reaches the end...List has a loop

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