Array and Matrix Interview Questions

No. 22 - Turning Number in an Array
Turning number is the maximum number in an array which increases and then decreases. This kind of array is also named unimodal array. Please write a function which gets the index of the turning number in such an array.
For example, the turning number in array {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6} is 10, so its index 5 is the expected output.
Please implement a function which gets the intersection of two sorted arrays. Assuming numbers in each array are unique.
No. 34 - String Path in Matrix
How to implement a function to check whether there is a path for a string in a matrix of characters? It moves to left, right, up and down in a matrix, and a cell for a movement. The path can start from any entry in a matrix. If a cell is occupied by a character of a string on the path, it cannot be occupied by another character again.

No. 41 - Group of 1s in a Matrix
Given a matrix with 1s and 0s, please find the number of groups of 1s. A group is defined by horizontally or vertically adjacent 1s.

No. 56 - Maximal Value of Gifts
A board has n*m cells, and there is a gift with some value (value is greater than 0) in every cell. You can get gifts starting from the top-left cell, and move right or down in each step, and finally reach the cell at the bottom-right cell. What’s the maximal value of gifts you can get from the board?

No. 59 - Duplications in Arrays
All numbers in an array with length n+1 are in range from 1 to n, so there is at least one duplication in the array. How to find any a duplication? Please don't modify the input array.


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